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Dear our valued customers!

You have a close acquaintance or a friend in Vietnam, you wish to make a special thing for them on their birthdays,holidays, Christmas, etc.  Unfortunately, a limited list of gift shops in Vietnam makes you confused. You do not know how to send gift to Vietnam? Do not worry, we assure that PERFECT GIFT is your best choice due to the following reasons:

+ We have many gift items with various designs to choose from.

+ Being proved and rated as one of the top units among gift delivery services in Vietnam.

+ Our gift ranges  match with Vietnamese style/culture/preference and domestic distance means cost – saving which builds your choice being more clever.

How to send gift to Vietnam - Vietnam gift shop

How to send gift to Vietnam – Vietnam gift shop

How to register Gift Delivery Service at Perfect Gift Shop?

Step 1: Choose what you want. If you are still confused, kindly feel free to chat with us, our team will give you the best advice.

Step 2: Kindly type recipient’s information in Vietnam and yours for necessary situations.

Step 3: Kindly make payment for cost & freight ( please see more here…)

  • We are ready to wrap gifts, stick cards and send to address as your requirements.
  • PERFECT GIFT SHOP will confirm you as our transaction finishes.

What kind of Gifts/Presents are best for Vietnamese?

You are very smart when consider this point because of different culture from Vietnam to others. PERFECT GIFT SHOP kindly advises you as below:

Some tips!

Firstly, Vietnamese would like souvenirs more than food. Pens, pen boxes, photo frames…are clever choices than chocolate, cakes.

Secondly, you should think about Feng Shui. Like China, Thailand, Hong Kong…Feng Shui is what Vienamese are interested in. So color, material are very important

Best-seller Gifts in Vietnam!

With rich experience on Gift Service in Vietnam, PERFECT GIFT SHOP deeply understands Vietnamese demands on this field. Best – seller Gifts in Vietnam are:

+ Music Box

See more here

+ Teddy Bear:

See more here:

+ Luxuly Pen:

See more here

+ Feng Shui

God of wealth Cat ( Lucky Cat ) from Japan is one of Feng Shui gift:

See more here

Another way, You can choise gifts from our list:

+ Gifts for her

+ Gifts for him

+ Gift for boss


There are also many other gifts for you to choose from:

Our PERFECT GIFT SHOP is best reputable Gift shop in Vietnam, if you would like to send gift/present to Vietnam, we are the best choice!

Feel free to contact us for best advice!

Wish you all happiness!

Best regards!

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